If I were the President of Indonesia

This is the case or if the word, as well as moral message PILPRES Winner 2014 In Indonesia, namely Mr. Joko Widodo and JK (excuse me Mr. Jokowi-JK … (its not mine so acts or so know …, he..hee ..). And I just an ordinary people, let me describe their emotions uneg or part of the aspirations of the people, who tried to speak out through this blog. Maybe this is a description of my economic program plan, if later I’ve sworn so the President of Indonesia:

1. Intention …! I’ll be sure first, if I’m going to make this country like a giant company that will independently manage all assets of the nation that is ready to compete with foreign countries, which is about the economy by looking for the maximum profit, and economically-thrifty expenditure for the purpose of welfare fair and prosperous people.

2. Start …! I will prioritize managing the state budget in advance, as the initial capital investment, which would I realize the smooth running of public transport purposes in hopes of creating cost / low cost to all public transport transport (people, goods, services and trade) by way of subsidizing fuel and to fix the price “fixed” sustained (static) Rp.4.500 / liter, mainly gasoline and diesel, whose applicability to the good governance and sophisticated, which is limited by a system of rationing / month, using subsidized fuel credit cards, and governed by the transport classification existing public Conversely, I will give you the independence Pertamina to raise fuel prices as well as arrange private cars and motorcycles that depend on international market fluctuations in the air.

And if only the fuel subsidy program has been implemented, I am confident and believe will create a positive domino effect for the movement of the Indonesian economy, which is definitely passionate in everything from ordinary people to the level of the conglomerate, and will also rooted in the lower level and will structured leading to the upper level. For, if all types of freight transportation has been down and always stable, it will be good to her will drop the price of goods and services, as well as all kinds of commodities and industrial products are also stable, and another effect on the value of saving the whole of society that generate income balance / day, and will be again by riding his terotomatis capital value of Rupiah, and will have an effect on the creation of purchasing power evenly from the bottom up, because it has been included into the application.

3. The first action …! I will look for forms of compensation value of the initial capital I have made ​​subsidies, raising taxes on all public transport proper public transport has received subsidized fuel, and raise again the sales tax / spending public transport new cars to the adjusted value, with the aim of restoring amount of subsidy funds channeled in order to maintain the balance of the state budget.

4.Aksi to two …! I will stop, and the full program credit facilities prohibit private cars and motorcycles, which are related to state finances, claiming it has been a financial drain on the people from the bottom up and only a few are back community, and the money probably left the country, for all the automotive companies are brand overseas.

5.Aksi to three …! I will instruct or create new rules to automakers to reduce production gradually towards economic stability, as well as product marketing to help transfer the priority export abroad, as part of the anticipation of declining consumption by lowering customs / export taxes.

6. Action to four …! I will be firm to all people, should accept this policy, because it is definitely going to benefit all elements of the nation, and if there is a renegade, please go and deal with the law, as well as for infestor that is not received please also go and it goes without berinfestasi, because I was president of Indonesia is certainly not like collusion and compromise on the nation’s economy and the country that I love so that income, unless that benefit the country. So …, and thank you …! Love Indonesia Raya Greetings …!

Author: Alfendi Sadjah


Revolution Governance Fuel Subsidy And Fuel Prices Indonesia

Revolution … !!! A word that may sound spooky and very basic .But for the benefit of the nation, I think these words are quite appropriate use in the title and theme of this paper, though more evocative, kicked and heard by our government today.

And on the governance of the fuel subsidy and the price of fuel here, we feel as a nation, indeed this country seems to have not found anymore economists and government experts who intelligently handle the country’s current economic realities that are so sunk with the policies that are not economical and silly not produce results that benefit the state and this nation.

Here I apologize to all elements of the nation, instead of smartass or smart ass, because I am not an expert or economics degree, but only as a layman at lower levels, but I am as ordinary people to feel and practice the Indonesian economic life that is currently managed by the government , apparently did not have a mission and fission that apply economic principles that actually, the “Finding magnitude and seek profits by spending as little as his” .. ie saving, saving … and saving …! and yes .. soriiii government …? beneficial not mean personal and group benefit, but benefits all elements of the nation and the state.

I as a nation, let me elaborate a little opinion here, chaotic governance of the fuel subsidy and fuel prices as well as the Indonesian economy at this time, which is not efficient and effective for the progress of the state and nation Indonesia. Actually too many oddities and irregularities applied this country, the economic policies that do not benefit the state and the nation itself, but here I try to focus on the story of the Indonesian economy is currently dealing with the issue of government PILPRES 2014 winner of “Jokowi-JK” will Indonesia plans to increase fuel haraga. And here through this paper I try to aspire to my personal opinion, how the governance of fuel subsidy and fuel prices are appropriate and ideal for the advancement and good of the nation and the State of Indonesia as a whole, which I try to shout loudly below …!

Hi ..! The leader of my country …! Please just Mr. Sir my father to raise fuel prices, with the proviso would apply my leader Sir cross-subsidy system, which normalize or restore fuel prices to a reasonable standard, the standard Indonesian or International (non subidi) on all private car / motorcycle / industrial / marine transport – air, but on the contrary, the government should lower the Rp.2000 (new subsidy) on public transport (buses, trains, taxis, public transportation, goods transportation services, commercial vehicle, expedition, and others), which interaksikan a reduction in public transport fares the land, the government set up to the local government, and inshaAllah will impact on the price of goods – services and affordable staples of the people, and there will be increased use of mass public transportation, mass transit because Indonesia is currently no longer on public transport (buses, trains, taxis, public transportation, goods transportation services, commercial vehicle, expedition and others), but it has shifted to the use of private cars and motorcycles, which are not effective for the use of roads, safety / discipline motorists, traffic congestion, the chaos of the city, as well as a massive waste of fuel nationwide, which resulted in no Guarantee that public transport, due to the current cost of an expensive, and indicated the helplessness of millions of people’s public transport entrepreneurs, as well as millions of driver / driver who complained, even though they have drenched in sweat sweat (traditional workers) that should most obligatory in priority certainty sufficient income and decent, they are also the main basis of the economy of movement under / path, because the certainty of its income, will impact on the certainty of increased consumption the results of the production of clothing / food of the people, which will benefit merchants, farmers, fishermen, etc..

From this group, its income must be increased by this regulation, because they can determine the stability of the national economy. If the certainty of their income together with millions of employees / officers who established the country, will be created a safe certainty for millions of industrial workers avoid layoffs, because the (current) consuming of all the results of industrial production in the country that encourage macroeconomic.

The system can be applied to government subsidies, namely by issuing subsidized fuel card (similar shopping card / credit card with a debit modeled BCA), is provided to all owners of public transport is conditional, and beradministrasi complete, and the tool sensor system (checking a PIN number ) given to retail outlets throughout Indonesia. Card and the system was in the product by means of state-owned banks, which cooperated with the government, as well as the cashier to pay any bills from gas stations, with data on the number and value of the rupiah liter subsidy, which has been distributed to public transport. While banks charge again to the government (not the Pertamina), depending on his cooperation.

The subsidy on conveyance, must be rationed maximum / month according to usage average number of liters / day, based on the type / classification of public transport. Cards are only able to be automatically activated every 1st of course, until they run a maximum quota / month, so do not be misused, and the users are wasteful and exhausted maximum quota / month, have to wait for the 1st of the next, as well as in the invite to buy a non-subsidized, and so on.

About this subsidy, why we so wish? because, although this is only an assumption berbandingan seen in the field, namely: if there is one public transport, there are 3 private cars and 15 motorcycles, while nationally based on population 250juta, there are an estimated 2-3juta public transport, 6-8juta private cars and motorcycles 30 to 45juta, if all of these operations, it is very enormity of this country waste.

And this is the result of multiplying the average fuel consumption per day of estimates and assumptions are:
1 (minimal) 2 million public transport, meaning an average of 2 million x 20 liters x 6500 = 260 billion / day
2 (minimal) 6 million private cars, meaning 6 million x average of 10 liters x 6500 = 390 billion / day
3 (minimal) to 30 million spd motor means 30 million x average of 2 liters x 6500 = 390 billion / day.
As for the number of kesuluruhannya reached 1.04 trillion / day, which means that this is a minimum expenditure of fuel this country every day, which just does not evaporate again.

I think this is probably the best alternative for the people of Indonesia’s economy, and the Government please raise / lower the fuel at any time based flukstuasi price / International Fuel market, as long as the price of fuel transport public transport is always stable and sustained (static), because once it’s helpful nature public and national interests that apply all segments of society, the transportation costs and the price of goods and services are cheap and stable, and will not make a market / volatile people, it is also very profitable even the government does not interfere berjalanya budget is being realized, and we believe that this policy will bring results Hopefully compensation and the strategic and economic value for the Economy Indonesia nation.

And if we imagine, if 40% decline in the frequency of consumption of 30 million motorcycles, which means there is an average 12juta x 2liter x 6,500 = 156 billion, and 30% of the 6 million private cars which means there is an average 1,8juta x 10liter x 6500 = 117 billion. This is an indirect form of compensation, namely: 156 billion + 117 billion = 273 billion / day, which saves the state finances and the people, and the money will be spinning on the micro economy of the people. Compare if this is multiplied within 1 year (355hari), namely; 273 billion x 355 days = 96 915 billion (96 trillion more) / year, this is the number of states penghemetan indirectly year, Walllahualam …!

The government may raise the sales tax / use, for all types of motor vehicles, approximately 20% – 30%, in addition to compensation for public transport subsidy policies, because 30 million motorcycles increased average tax 500 / day, which is 30 million x 500 = 15 billion / day, and an average increase Rp1000 / day for 6 million + 2 million private cars to public transport, namely; 8 million x 1000 = 8 billion, which means the number of all; 15 billion + 8 billion = 23 billion / day of consumption tax increases were realized in the vehicle registration renewal / year, means the amount of compensation is immediate; 23 billion / day, and the annual results of the 355 x 23 billion = 8,165 billion (8 trillion more).

There is no reason for people to reject this policy, because this is for the sake of balance / justice and economic improvement of all walks of life, because apart from the prices of goods are cheap, also available transport facilities of top class menengas (taxi), to the lower classes (public transportation, bus, etc.) are also cheap.

And not only that compensation is more important, but it is the movement of people in the real economy (real), because if fuel cheap public transport, the transportation costs will be lowered, and the price of food, goods / services and others-others must go cheap and down, the impact to the nominal decrease in the average expenditure of the people, which generates value and retained earnings / day / month, the effect of increasing the purchasing power of national masarakyat.

Here, we also hope, that the government (central bank) to limit the distribution of state money wise (except private) in the consumer credit business, the products that use the fuel, especially automotive and motorcycle, otherwise the government prioritizing the improvement of productive business loan, because the power buy people not measured / assessed on the behavior and best-selling automotive products in utangkan (credit) to the people, for the people’s purchasing power is not equal to the power of people in debt, “the government stop pursuing low taxes (quantity) of the large number of motor vehicles, as well as policies run raise the sales tax / consumption (quality) on all types of vehicles “.

As an alternative of declining sales / marketing of automotive products in the country, the government must play a role in transferring the production of marketing the domestic automotive industry (although all foreign brands), with the purpose of export out of the country, and in the government that it should help to lower export duty / tax export (which does not violate international trade rules), in order to be competitive selling prices, because the state already profited from the exchange, and the industry has provided jobs to the people. If only every industry products export Indonesia, the Customs exit / export taxes low, we believe will be able to compete abroad, because the cost / labor Indonesia, still cheap compared to outside the country, what else if after the new regulation. “the point is do not let people burst wasted fuel that will drain the people and state spending, and restore the function of the national public transport people into mass transit, and not Memasalkan motorcycles / private cars into public transport is not efficient and effective”.

So I created this article, may be useful for the country and nation … .Wassalam., And greetings Indonesia …!

Author: Alfendi Sadjah

Creating And Showing A New Song Lyrics National / Nationality Indonesia

Greetings countrymen and compatriots …! If here I may as well try, to display the copyrighted works of art, relating to values ​​and a sense of nationalism to Indonesiaan, I pour in the National song / Nationality, I’ve composed into a song, titled LOVE INDONESIA RAYA.

Here I hope the viewers and readers of this paper, in order to assess or appreciate, and hope to invite to cooperate in making a demo of this song, to be played in the future to the people and the people of Indonesia, in order to inspire the spirit and sense of nationalism present and future generations, which Hopefully I think will be beneficial to the State and Nation. Here’s a description of the National song lyrics listed below:

C I N T A   I N D O N E S I A   R A Y A

I n d o n e s i a . . . .

I n d o n e s i a   t a n a h   a i r k u . . . .

I n d o n e s i a   k e b a n g s a a n   k a m i . . .

I n d o n e s i a   n e g a r a   k i t a . . . .

N e g a r a k u   t e r c i n t a

T a n a h   k a m i   s e t i a

B a n g s a   k i t a   m e r d e k a   d a n   m e r d e k a . . .

G a r u d a   P a n c a S i l a

T e r b a n g l a h   k e   a n g k a s a

S a n g s a k a  M e r a h  P u t i h  b e r k i b a r l a h . . .

I b u   P e r t i w i   N e g e r i   k a m i   b e r j a n j i

N e g e r i   k a m i   m e n g a b d i   d a n   b e r b a k t i . . .

B u m i   P e r s a d a   N u s a   k i t a   b e r t a h t a

N u s a n t a r a   b e r j a y a   d a n   b e r g e m a . . .

T e g a p k a n   l a n g k a h . . .

T e g u h k a n   r a s a

T e g a s k a n l a h   j i w a   k i t a   s e m u a . . .

K i t a   b e r k a r y a

K i t a   b e r b a n g g a

K i t a  C i n t a   I n d o n e s i a   R a y a . . . .

C i p t : A l f e n d i s a d j a h

Criticized the National Anthem “Indonesia Raya”

Greetings countrymen and compatriots ..! Here I openly want to criticize the existence of the national anthem Indonesia Raya, which now I think is no longer ideal for the development of generation in the current era of reform and the future that berpatokkan on sair song and phrase meanings of words, that there is at the moment the national anthem . As for the words which have no ideal and no longer exist are:

1.TANAH TUMPAH DARAHKU (SOIL SPILLED MY BLOOD ), ideally the current reform era is the land where I was born, and others.

2.DISANALAH AKU BERDIRI (THAT`S WHERE I STAND, that’s where these words are in stark contrast to the situation when we sing this song, if in sync on our position stand that we sing in our country, where Indonesia …? Ideally here I STAND.

3.HIDUPLAH TANAHKU HIDUPLAH NEGERIKU (MY LAND THERE LIVED A LIVE COUNTRY), Words have meaning terdegredasi live here and do not motivate another generation in the current era of reform, because the object which turned these words already alive and more pantasnya SHAKE UP, COME or long life. Here I invite friends countrymen and compatriots to respond to this, and this proposal is for a sense of awareness of sustainable Indonesian National …, hopefully ..? DARE ..! for Indonesians us ..!
my land there lived a live country.
Author: Alfendi sadjah

Fuel, Automotive, And The Purchasing Power of Indonesian Society

If only the Government of Indonesia will open your eyes wide to see and examine the economic development of the people of Indonesia on the bottom level (micro), social breakdown was severe threat, economy and society as well as the middle class of this country itself, which has arisen from the current government economic policy systim this is corrupt, collusive, jomplang weight up and not fair that only spoil the capital market (stocks) with market mengkesampingkan traditional folk, chasing meaningless tax (quantity), people steal money from inflation .Sungguh, no obvious fission and no mission is definitely on the Government’s intention to build a holy nation and this country towards a just and prosperous as a whole.

The current administration seems are building “State within the State” with the group consisted only allied to the national and foreign entrepreneurs (private) are in suport and Nina bobokan by foreign capitalist countries to control the entire enterprise Indonesian strategic and natural resources with the National regulate the composition of the stock at will only. The government, now being complacent with this syndicate scenario really real that only benefit them, and very obvious once menrugikan nation and the State, and again the Government as between conscious and unconscious of the impact of the expense of this nation, which the future is definitely going to be a boomerang.

From now on, we as a nation, are now being requested the leaders of our beloved country, to really look at the facts and the reality of social life and the real economy, especially the economic level of society which is correct medium completely eliminated and tesisihkan.

We asked? Are there government know? Because even though this is merely an assumption, perhaps estimated about 60% of the population of Indonesia is no purchasing power 40% of them are poor, why? perhaps this is the main problem: The link rotation Indonesian economy, has now been interrupted by what is called the “Automobile Company” which produces private cars and motorcycles that have flooded the whole country, as the government deliberately promote, assist, marketing and proud to loosen system consumer credit without limit, when they know, if such a policy is indeed inefficient and ineffective, a waste of fuel burst and drain people’s financial state is in stark contrast to the values ​​of saving and economic principles, we always suspected, “What is behind this ? What percentage (%) kah shares this Government on this syndicates and automotive company? “Causes, the effects of this policy is so fatal, that drain spending people to buy fuel and pay auto loans with multiple interest money, and just get productivity products will be rusty and after the keel only worth a quarter, this is duping the people, who only benefit syndicate (conglomerate) and Automotive are all foreign brands.

The greatest impact arising from this policy is, there has been a sort of a robbery attempt and tried to right (driver and small entrepreneurs) from the transport company of people (mass) during this “public transportation, metromini, Bus, Taxi, Etc” the first days of the New Order so cheap and populist, but is now running out and knocked the motorcycle and run over by a private car which facilitated government credit .Inilah a government necessity naive and probably petty, but this is clearly detrimental to the nation and the state, and the government seemed to have educated people to apply wasteful and polluting fuel burn and congestion.

Maybe this is the real evidence, that the chain of the economic cycle we are completely cut off, because, if only 2 million of public transport and the transport driver plus 1 million of his employer = 3 million people per capita income they had not feasible, have an effect to the amount that equal to the food stalls entrepreneurs tradidionil, and the effect again to the traditional markets (groceries), and no effect again to absorb the production of farmers and fishermen that make them more submissive, and the effect again with no operation of traditional farm workers, and will have an effect again to small traders , and continues to wholesalers, and berefefek again at no absorption results of household production, textile, etc. who employ domestic workers, and be prepared for a layoff threats, and the more perfect the inability of the purchasing power of the people of this country with rising unemployment, and be prepared to bankrupt this country, and please re-add to the debt, and increasingly not berdaulatlah this beloved country Indonesia …? Wallahualam …?

Author: Alfendi sadjah


Greetings How the World …! Today is the first conference, on this web site, I was invited to all the elements of the Indonesian people, both in Indonesia and who are outside the country, as well as all citizens of the world who have a love for Indonesia, and also for the patriotic, nationalist, democratic , idealists, reformers, dynamic, and humanist, statesman, or artist, allow me to present this website, which is associated with a sense of love for me as a loyal Indonesian nation-flavored and aspire, want to show the World “this is Indonesia” with democracy Indonesia, Indonesian and Indonesian Social Economic and cultural diversity berdinamika with all keindahanya and pemasalahanya.

And also if it is drawn into the country, this time it feels like I’m sick of our country, and too many problems associated with all sorts of frenzied economic, political nation and the government, who knows how long to recover. Broke ganjing economic life of this nation, the government began instability in a country, let alone the government’s plan to raise fuel prices, has generated a lot of dilemmas and problems, as well as the community began growing turmoil, has inspired over the birth of this web site may be the future .And many stories, messages, impressions and written criticism and writing to the government as part of an expression of disappointment, anxiety, and aspirations of the people.

The purpose and meaning of this web site, instead of just focusing one or two themes above, but I did invite the entire nation, in the sense of national consciousness, keeping the national spirit, and the love of Indonesia relating to the meaning of this web site is “Love Indonesia Raya “the hope we always work to Indonesia about anything and everything related to homeland Indonesia, Indonesia Indonesian nation and state, which Hopefully we continue to show the world, through the virtual world, on all the dynamics, culture, tourism, aesthetics, with our works, for our show together on this web site.

That’s all I can ulaskan here, hopefully this site can be useful for all generations of this nation and the world, and Indonesia greetings from me: ALFENDI SADJAH